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I’d like to thank oakenbabes for doing this to my dash.

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MMO nostalgia…

Every time I listen to the parts of the WoW soundtrack I have, I feel the urge to play it. But I know that I don’t want to play what World of Warcraft is now. There was that magical time where I had played WCIII and its expansion (I really ought to play WCII at some point) and heard they were making a MMO. That looked amazing and would continue the story I loved but I could go and interact with the characters I knew so well.

And I finally got to do that and it was everything I wanted and more. There really is nothing quite like your first MMO, as anyone who has played can tell you. I loved vanilla for its difficulty, its hidden corners, and while I never raided there was an aura around those who did. I loved BC for flight, the blood elves (even if the high elves didn’t really come into play as much as I would have liked), and seeing where Warcraft began. WotLK was great for numerous reasons (Dalaran! Death Knights! Argent Dawn/Scarlet Crusade) but it was also the beginning of the end.

While it had never been fantastically represented, the conflict between Horde and Alliance was that of dark grey and light grey. With WotLK it definitely started/ran at full speed towards black vs white. Plus there was that whole lack of Nerubians that I had been dying for and while I hadn’t minded not being able to participate in taking down Illidan and Kael’thas in BC, I minded something awful that I could not fully participate in the Arthas storyline without raiding. Which was more on me choosing not to devote bucket-loads of time beyond what I did to this game but it still hurt.

Finally Cataclysm arrived and while I loved the updated Azeroth, it hit me that there was a lot I would never see again because of it. Not just because of in-game lore a la Thrall abandoning the Horde to be Eco-Jesus or Cairne being murdered or Garrosh somehow being the leader of the Horde or King Let’s-make-an-American-Anime-character-from-a-bad-shonen what’s his face or any number of other things that cemented Horde as evil, Alliance good. But because things like Barrens chat or hours long battlegrounds or dungeons were gone. Because the friends I had who played, either real life or no, no longer did. And I just couldn’t play anymore.

But any time that music comes up on iTunes, there’s nothing more I want to do then to log-in and see what Arram the Tauren shaman is up to or Sulwyn the Human priest, whose back-stories were as detailed and complicated as they are now mostly forgotten. But I know that even if I did, Azeroth is no longer a home away from home because no one I know lives there any more or at the very least we’re not on speaking terms (you heard me Sylvanus).

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Hilary posted a snippet of Chasing the Sun on her instagram!
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His homies want him to go out, but he is posted in the bed waiting for you #priceless


His homies want him to go out, but he is posted in the bed waiting for you #priceless

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the thing that really worked about harry, hermione, and ron was that they were all the uncomfortable third friend

bless j. k. rowling

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