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I just started to reread Terrier and one of the first paragraphs of the book is written by Eleni Cooper, and reads:

"I want him to rise in the world. We are poor now, but I pray we will not always be so. And I cannot afford a better place to live. My family will not have me back, not after our last meeting. So I am left here, trying to raise a lad who sees and hears and thinks too much, in the city’s worst slum."

And I just have so many emotions about this. Because here’s Eleni as a young woman, alone in the world except for her six-year-old son who just got arrested for the first time, and she’s terrified. She’s terrified that he won’t ever get the chance to live up to the potential that she knows is in there. She’s terrified that she won’t be able to keep him safe. She’s terrified that they’ll never get out. 

Her family won’t take them. She knows she has to make a life for herself. It’s up to her to keep her son safe, and she doesn’t know how she can do that. She has no fall-back system. She just wants to give her son the life she knows he deserves. The life that they deserve. She prays that they won’t always be so alone in the world.

And it’s just amazing to think that, in a little over ten years, a lass masquerading as a boy will tumble into their lives, and they will already be not just living, but thriving.

George at that point has, of course, already risen as high as he is able to go in the slums. He is living as the king of the Tortallan underground, and is helping to give his mother the life he knows that she always longed to give him.

And while yes, it’s Alanna, a tiny, red-headed and violet-eyed girl with her mind set on rising above the expectations set for her, who will change their lives forever, and it’s Alanna’s friendship that leads George to Jon, and Jon who helps George to leave the Rogue and become a baron, Alanna’s foster-father who marries Eleni, giving her the life she never dreamed she could have, but that she absolutely deserves. But they were thriving without her.

Eleni did everything in her power to give her son the life that he deserved. George did everything in his power to give her the life that she deserved. Together, they were no longer a scared, lonely single-mother and her young son. They were a powerful healing woman who knew what she was doing, and where she stood in life, and the most powerful man in the Tortallan underground. They didn’t really need Alanna to come into their lives, for they were able to reach success on their own.

It makes me so happy that they didn’t need Alanna’s help. That while yes, she did come into their lives and change things and gave them opportunities that they would never have reached without her, they were doing just fine— no, more than fine— on their own. Their succcess was theirs, and theirs alone. Alanna gave them opportunities, but they would still have been thriving without those opportunities. Of course, they’re happy with the fact that Alanna and Myles and Jon and everyone ended up in their lives, but something tells me that they would have done just fine had George not seen Alanna enter the city as a wide-eyed eleven-year-old kid.

Life was tough for Eleni and George Cooper, a single-mother and young son left to fend for themselves in the worst slum of all of Corus. But they rose above, and they were able to thrive. Oh, did they thrive. They deserve everything and more that they gained in life. They’re honestly some of the most inspiring characters in the entire series. Few things make me happier than the happiness in life that Eleni and Geoge Cooper were able to receive.

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via Modern Office with Christina Hendricks


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Danilo Notaro and Tommaso Palladino

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Body in progress


Body in progress

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This exists.

Well I know what I’m listening to lull myself to sleep today.

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What’s the most improbable crossover ‘fic you’ve ever stumbled upon excluding obvious parodies?

For my part: Mega Man/Spellsinger. Yes, the Alan Dean Foster series. And yes, the author was totally sincere, as far as I could tell.

That one Evangelion/Warhammer 40k crossover was… interesting.

But generally, anything that tries to throw Exalted into the mix. It usually feels too self-indulgent for me. (Says the person in the 1920s Exalted game who generally AUs her characters as Exalts as a thought experiment.)

If we’re allowing tabletop RPGs, I’d be tempted to nominate my own Evangelion/Paranoia XP crossover, if it didn’t violate the “no obvious parodies” rule. ^^;

(The only other good candidate in my personal portfolio doesn’t make the cut because it hasn’t actually been written yet - but I swear, as God is my witness, one day I will have a serious go at Evangelion/Waiting for Godot.)

Spellsinger and MEGA MAN?! Just… how much hash was Jon-Tom smoking? That’s what I want to know.

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Tony Kim

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Otakon 2014

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Submission via kik/snapchat: Cinnamenboys


Submission via kik/snapchat: Cinnamenboys

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Anonymous said: I honestly have a big problem with GRRM's explanation for not having male/male sex scenes. He claims he doesn't write any because none of the male POV characters are gay, but in contrast, none of the female POV characters are (officially) gay, either, yet he has no problem writing in gratuitous female/female sex scenes. It's simply that he's a straight male, who thinks he is writing for a mostly straight male audience, so he writes only what he thinks will appeal to that.


And the female scenes he wrote were not positive. The Dany/Irri ones were not based in the characters’ desire for one another. Irri was performing a duty as a servant, and Dany was using her in place of the man she really wanted, to help her get off. The AFFC scene I won’t spoil, but one of those characters isn’t on the show yet and  I don’t think she will be. And that scene was another one about power dynamics, and the POV character thinking about her previous husband most of the time. Not in a happy way. It was a character piece, and not sensual, not about those two women being together.

His explanation is weak, for sure, because he has plenty of pointless heterosexual sex scenes where it’s basically window dressing. And it doesn’t bother me to have that sexual world. I just wish it was more equal. And it’s a fantasy world, so he can make up his own rules about what is and isn’t acceptable in that society.

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